Vodafone Enterprise self-service design research

Research and design of new enterprise self service journeys in a large business transformation program.

Vodafone Network customer journey mapping

Combining qualitative customer research with quantitative insights in a customer journey map to analyse the Vodafone Network experience.

Vodafone consumer digital sales & selfservice experience

Design of new sales & self service journeys for mass-market in a large business transformation program.

Macheo.org crowdfunding platform

Development of a crowdfunding platform to empower fundraisers and donors to fundraise for Macheo.

Macheo.org strategy & design

Creation of a communication strategy that includes online, social media, newsletters, and print/offline communication.

Dance4Life responsive design

Creation of a new responsive website & social media strategy for the Dance4Life NGO in Kenya.

Vodafone responsive online re-design

New responsive front-end platform and a redesign of online shop and support sections of Vodafone.nl.

Vodafone Mobile Channel

Delivery of a new mobile strategy, mobile website and a selfcare app for different platforms.

Vodafone Perfect Startup

Improve the online start-up experience of new Vodafone customers with their new phone, plan and My Vodafone

Vodafone Roaming

Redesign the roaming information of the Vodafone website.

Helmer Design projects

A selection of digital and graphic design projects for various companies (i.e. ABN Amro, Baker&McKenzie).

Alcatel-Lucent Contact advisor

Concepts that show the potential of combining social networking and communication to aid business professionals in their work.

Nelson – interactive toy

Concept and working prototype that encourages girls to play and learn football for TNO Nederland.

IKEA Match concept

Concept to provide IKEA customers with a pleasant shopping experience in ’10 years from now’.

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